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                                  Nature's Song in Painting
      The first impression one can get looking at Hamlet Asatryan’s paintings is the freshness of Dilijan, one of the best resort towns of Armenia. This is followed by  the momentary cognition of the genuine life and great love towards it expressed through the changing colours of time and the strokes of the paintbrush inspired by the optimistic outlook of the artist. 
       The unique portrayal of nature's beauty and the continuous creative efforts and strivings for the revelation of its secrets disclose the painter's individual style in the amazing reality of his works of art. This is what originates his endless love towards his motherland and the main melodyof his effective paintings' song.
     In the vivid works depicting old Dilijan the artist clearly expresses his thoughts and creative endeavors, nostalgic emotions towards the past and the sweet memories connected with them. These sensations arealive in the paintings and can be felt in his grandmother’s caring eye, the tenderness of which is still present in the warmcorners of his paternal old house. Even the shadows of sorrow are expressed through bright colours in Asatryan's works and this can not be left unnoticed. Warm reddish, fresh blues and greens of nature: these are the individual colours of the artist used to reflect his first spontaneous and emotional reactions to the natural beauties of his motherland. His unique method consists in putting tiny touches of pure colour onto the canvas so that the colour mixing takes place not on the palette but as a phenomenon of optics between the canvas and the eye of the beholder. H.Asatryan has a supreme artistic sense enriched with patriotism; he gives birth to unique works of art that can be so deeply felt and appreciated.

                      Hamlet Asatryan

Life and work experience:

27.02.1947    Dilijan Date and place of birth      
1961-1966    Studied at P.Terlemezyan State College of Arts
1966-1971    Studied at Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Fine Arts
1972-1973    Served in the Soviet Army
1975-1987    Participated in stage design of more than 40 performances                 
1979             Fine Art qualification course in Moscow
1981             Member of  the Artists Union of Armenia
1987-1996    Head of Dilijan's Regional Department of Culture
1989             Fine Art qualification course in Moscow
1990-1996    Pedagogical experience
1996-2000    Head of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports in the province of Tavoush
2000-2002    Head of the Internal Policy Department at the Ministry of Culture
2002-2005    Deputydirector of the Armenian State Philharmonic
2005-2008    Rector of «Roslin» Design Institute
2008             Member of the Department  of the Artists Union of Armenia
2008-2009    Chief Consultant on Culture (Arabkir Community)
2010             Received the Degree of Assistant Professor
          Married, has 2 children, 4 grandchildren
       The exhibitions of H.Asatryan's paintings were held in Dilijan (1975, 1980, 1982) and in the Artists Union of Armenia (2012). The paintings are preserved in personal collections of citizens of Armenia and many foreign countries (France, USA, The Chech Republic, Gibraltar, Russia, etc.) They are also displayed in art galleries.